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Comments from previous clients

The immediate impact of the guided time with the horses was unexpectedly enlightening and personally impactful. What a unique, calming and beautiful experience to gently learn about myself with the help of these majestic creatures (and the facilitators too of course!)

There could be real value for veterans in exploring emotional responses in this kind of environment. The safe space provided at the project is a lovely environment to deepen our understanding of ourselves and how we communicate.

Working with the horses and facilitators and building up that trust, they trust you and you trust in the horse as well. It's like a bond, so I learnt to gain more trust with them and with people.

An experience I wouldn't have missed for the world. Thank you sincerely.

Great session! Gave me a lot of insight into the benefits of horse assisted therapeutic learning. I learned a lot about myself in one session and how I can transfer this to everyday life. I feel it was enjoyable and will help a lot of people.

How wonderfully peaceful I found the afternoon; a unique opportunity to work with the horses in their environment; for meeting colleagues from other teams; a chance for team building practice as well as personal reflection. I loved it!’

Thank you again.

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