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We offer our services on a full or half day basis

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) or Horse Assisted Therapeutic Learning (HATL) as we refer to it, can be used as a different approach for teams to explore dynamics, develop as a team and recalibrate. Our sessions provide an engaging and insightful experience that can help improve skills such as team building/ leadership and communication which can be taken back into the work  environment. 

Other areas we can help with are:

  • Team forming/reforming: for teams returning to the work place after a break (such as Covid-19 lockdown) or for new teams that need to learn about each other to be able to optimise functioning and performance.

  • Remedial team work; for teams that recognise that something isn’t working as well as it could and would like to understand what the issue is and how to change it together

  • Working through change - sometimes more difficult for some of us than others; we explore what concerns exist and how to manage these sensitively in a supportive, positive environment

  • Clarifying goals, exploring possibilities, accelerating planning and decision making and building on individual and group strengths.

There is an added bonus to our corporate days! As a Community Interest Company, HAPPY is committed to reinvesting a percentage of the corporate fee to subsidise HATL sessions for clients who are unable to raise funds for themselves. This provides the opportunity for you to not only help your team and your company but to support others in the wider community!

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